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Only stupid people LV Voted for Israel Israel (11 days 3 minutes ago)

hate other people or countries! Humans shouldn't hate anybody, then we won't have wars!

Erdogan must be taken down! US Observer (23 days 21 hours ago)

Turkey is hurting because of the nasty policies of the Islamists who are controlling the government. Israel has helped them tremendously in the past and they squandered the relationship for the sake of the Hamas thugs who are similar to the ISIS thugs that keep attacking Turks like they did yesterday. 41 dead so far.

Turkey is evolving backwards. US Observer (25 days 4 hours ago)

Turkey doesn't just have extremists next door. They have a leader who is trying to spread conservative Islam in his borders. The people that speak out against him are thrown in prison. He has a military that could sweep into northern Iraq and Syria and take out ISIS in a few months but won't. Why not? Turkey is going to the dark ages.

Jessica Frydling DE Voted for Turkey Turkey (1 month 17 hours ago)

I hate Israel.

Jessica Frydling DE Voted for Turkey Turkey (1 month 2 days ago)

I stand with Turkey, because my boyfriend is turkish.

The Muslim's nature. US Observer (1 month 10 days ago)

The problem here is not "immoral homosехual behavior". The problem is not "gun control". The problem is "Radical Muslim Terrorism". It is disturbing that our government cannot make the connection. They cannot or, more correctly, will not draw that obvious conclusion. Obama has yet to mouth the words, "Radical Muslim Terrorism To keep Americans safe, we must place a ban on immigration from parts of the world that harbor radical Muslims and tolerate their destructive, hateful behavior. Why would we knowingly admit immigrants who would harm America and who have voiced disdain for western Culture and Christianity entry into our great nation? We must monitor the activities and on line communications of known radical Muslims who are already here in our country and be ready to immediately deport dangerous individuals. This one is simple. Oh boy, there's that Common Sense thing again!

xplarges DE Voted for Israel Israel (1 month 10 days ago)

hi sultan erdogan!

Xplarges TR Voted for Turkey Turkey (1 month 17 days ago)

Türkler Ölmez Vatan Bölünmez!

qûr´ânūş the best toilet paper MX Voted for Israel Israel (3 months 6 days ago)

qûr´ânūş the best toilet pape

You have been warned! US Observer (3 months 19 days ago)

Attention: To all European Citizens, you should all be aware by now, that all those Illegal Invader Islamic Muslims Immigrants that have and will be invading all your European Countries, will eventually out “REPRODUCE”, all of you! Therefore, eventually all your European Countries will than become Islamic Muslim Euro-Countries with the Islamic Muslim Religion as its National Religion, with all its Euro-Government Laws Based on Islamic Muslim Sharia Laws – without any doubts in my Mind, at all! You have all been forewarned – period!

@malaysia DE Voted for Israel Israel (5 months 8 days ago)

you are a center of terror

STOP STUPID ISLAMISTS! LV Voted for Israel Israel (5 months 9 days ago)


FvCK ISRAEL MY Observer (5 months 10 days ago)


Bawang MY Observer (5 months 10 days ago)

I vote for turkey!!!

Europe is committing suicide. US Observer (5 months 27 days ago)

I think it is too late now. The 'immigrants/refugees ' have voting power in many countries. They will decide who governs Europe. This generation of western women may still escape large scale organized rарe as the white population is still dominant.. But their children and grandchildren will surely be rарed into submission. The meaning of their religion is - 'To Submit'.

@turkyie DE Voted for Israel Israel (6 months 26 days ago)

We do not like these form of turkish peace: downing foreign planes, invading in Irak, killing Kurds, killing Armenians. NO thanks, sultan erdogan!

ISRAEL OF COURSE LV Voted for Israel Israel (6 months 26 days ago)


TR Voted for Turkey Turkey (6 months 26 days ago)


@the stupid observer down hahaha DE Voted for Israel Israel (7 months 2 days ago)

Your answer is no answer: obviously turkey can do everything: down russian jets, kill kurds, kill armenians, but they are innocent????

hahahaha german bittttchhh Observer (7 months 2 days ago)

FUKKKKKK YOU gemran Turkey is brave country. They did not do anything. USA is funding ISIS and Al-qauads against muslims. USA is a terrorist. dont blame on Muslims you bitttchiiesss

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By: Aissa, June 17, 2009


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